Friends & Inspiration (Alphabetical)

Karen CK Ballard  An amazing crochet artist, textile historian and my Mom.   

Spencer Brinkerhoff always innovative Star Wars artist, with a great animation style. 

Brian Brushwood  I did Graphic design work for his Scam School interactive books. An amazing performer and the co-host of the Frame Rate podcast.  

Matt Busch  The Rock & Roll Star Wars artist and upcoming film director.

De Es I saw my first De Es painting on the pages of Omni, He's always exploring, always inspiring and an all around nice guy. 

Grant Gould  Star Wars artist and Roleplaying Game designer. Grant helped me with invaluable advice when I was starting out. 

Peter Gric  A good friend and amazing artist, mixing technology with old masters techniques. Worked on concepts for Del Toro's "The Mountains of Madness".

Corinna Herden Opera singer, all around amazing craftsperson. 

Allison Hrivnak Good friend whose photos show a unique view of Brooklyn. 

Vesna Krasnec  Good friend and talented artist, whose pictures are full of honest emotion, a modern Frida Kahlo. 

Gerd Christian Krizek  Photographer and friend, his website name Schattenlicht perfectly describes the mood his images invoke. 

David Rabitte Star Wars artist, I love the way David explores the early concepts in Star Wars and is just an all around nice guy.  

Otto Rapp An amazing talented artist and good friend that goes all out to promote other Fantastic Realist artists.

Cat Staggs  I don't think there is a comic hero or fantasy subject Cat hasn't drawn. Cat was another artist who helped me out when I was starting out and I'll always be grateful. 

Dan Wallace  I worked on two books with Dan and am constantly amazed at his huge breadth of knowledge on Star Wars and Comic culture.